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FitOrbit: Products & Services
  • FitOrbit provides a personal trainer to people who want to get their best body
  • The company makes having a personal coach to help you lose weight affordable and charges less than $2 a day
  • You can either choose your own trainer or trust the company to match you with a trainer who is right for you
FitOrbit: Company Background
  • FitOrbit was founded by Jake Steinfeld, one of the most popular personal fitness trainers in the United States
  • They match clients with personal trainers based on their goals and personalities
  • Trainers monitor the fitness of their clients, answer questions that arise during the day and provide motivation
FitOrbit: Customer Feedback & Reviews
  • FitOrbit customers say that the program is ideal for busy people
  • It helps them to build core strength without getting frustrated

“I don't have time to plan meals and workouts as a busy working mother. FitOrbit is Weight Loss 101 for busy people. It simplifies my life!

My original goal was to lose weight, gain strength and build core strength. I have lost 29 pounds so far on FitOrbit. I hope to continue losing, and with Ashley's help, I'm sure I will get there in no time!”


“I lost 50 lbs in about 7 months – way ahead of my goal. Even better, I feel and look younger. I had someone tell me that I look like I took 10 years off my age.

Some people don’t even recognize me. My wife looks at me differently, too. I lost 50 lbs in about 7 months – way ahead of my goal. Even better, I feel and look younger. I had someone tell me that I look like I took 10 years off my age. Some people don’t even recognize me. My knee is almost entirely pain free, and instead of being too tired to keep up with my son, I can keep up with him all day long. My wife looks at me differently, too. I started out wearing size 40 pants, and now I wear a size 34. I haven’t looked like this in almost 20 years. My plan is to be a permanent member of FitOrbit. It is so inexpensive that there is no reason for me to quit. I am still going to lose a few more pounds, but I plan to continue to use FitOrbit to reach other fitness goals. You wouldn’t need to be a member forever – I started seeing results immediately. I recommend FitOrbit and my trainer to anyone.”


FitOrbit: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness
  • FitOrbit was founded by Jake Steinfeld, who is known for ‘Body By Jake’
  • They have amazing trainers who help their clients to get the results they are looking for
  • The company has been featured on CNN, RedBook, She Knows, MSN, ABC and other news media, which report that the program is a real plus for someone who wants a trainer and a nutritionist
FitOrbit: Website Popularity & Google Ranking
  • FitOrbit is ranked 334,760 in the world according to the traffic ranking site, Alexa
  • They have a Google page rank of four
  • They have been making their products available via their website to satisfied customers
  • The site receives 3,286 page views per day
  • The site takes two seconds load and appears to be hosted on a US based server
FitOrbit: Social Media Presence
FitOrbit: Website Security & Safety
  • FitOrbit has protects the privacy of their clients by encrypting all data that is shared with their server
  • 6 pages in the site were tested using Google safe browsing over the past ninety days
  • The site is not currently listed as suspicious and does not function as an intermediary in the infection of websites
FitOrbit: Pricing & Packages
  • FitOrbit is trusted by more than ten thousand people
  • They have different plans to suit the needs of their clients
  • Some clients opt to pay by the week on their Pay As You Go Plan. This costs $19.99 per week.
  • Their Flex Savings Plan offers better savings and costs $14.99 per week
  • People who have long term fitness goals are In It To Win It and pay only $9.99 per week
FitOrbit: Shipping Rates & Policies
  • FitOrbit does not have to ship anything to their clients
  • They assess your fitness electronically and deliver all nutritional plans and training schedules using the Internet
  • You do not have to wait for anything to be sent to you and can start training whenever it is convenient for you, once you have spoken to your doctor and received the go ahead to start a fitness program
FitOrbit: Payment Methods Accepted
  • FitOrbit charges a subscription fee for the ability to receive a fitness or nutrition plan from a trainer
  • Once you choose the plan that is right for you, you can pay the associated fee using any major credit card, such as Discover or American Express
  • Clients can also pay for their services using PayPal
FitOrbit: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy
  • FitOrbit offers their clients a 30 day money back guarantee
  • You can switch to another trainer at any time
  • If there is anything they can do to make the experience better for you, they invite you to contact them
  • You can also email their support team if you need a refund
FitOrbit: Product images & screenshots
FitOrbit Coupons
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